Tuesday, Sep 4, 2007

Many times students and even parents need extra help. This is a short list of community and "hot line" services that are available in Maricopa County. Please contact a counselor if you are unable to make the call yourself.

Child Abuse Hotline  888-767-2445

Community Information & Referral Services 800-352-3792

Mental Health Association (information/resources/referrals) 800-642-9277

NIMH Anxiety Disorders 888-269-4389

Nuestra Familia 623-936-3980

Parent Service Info. Line 480-834-9365

Sexual Assault & Abuse Hotline 602-254-9000

Teen Lifeline (24 hour hotline) 602-248-TEEN

Teens Talking to Teens  480-461-8888

24- Hour Crisis Hotline ( crisis or suicidal situation) 480-784-1500

Value Options (information/resources/referrals) 800-564-5465

Value Options Crisis Line ( crisis or suicidal situation) 602-222-9444

Warm Line Support (for parents) 602-347-1100

Parents Anonymous (24 hour line) 1-800-352-0528

Inclusion in this list does not constitute an endorsement.