Tuesday, Aug 7, 2007

Welcome to the website of the Class of 2009!
Sophomore year is an important time to start making plans for your future. At the end of your Sophomore year students need to have earned 14 credits to be considered on track for graduation in May of 2008. Most sophomores are currently taking their second year of international language. Only one is required for graduation, but two years are required for Arizona university admission. For university admissions you will also need two credits of algebra, one credit of geometry and one credit of a higher level math (pre-calculus, statistics, college algebra). Students who do not plan on attending a four year university after high school only need three credits of math. If you are a sophomore planning on going to college, I hope you sign up to take either the PSAT or the PLAN tests.

PLAN is the practice ACT college entrance exam. It can only be taken during your sophomore year. State universities want a score of 22. The date of the PLAN test is Tuesday, November 14. Sign up in the bookstore. Cost of the test is $9. The PLAN is given here at Agua Fria during the school day.

PSAT is the practice SAT college entrance exam. It will be addministered on Wed. Oct. 18th. It can be taken both sophomore and junior year. State universities want a score of 1040.  Cost of the PSAT is $12. The PSAT is given here at AGUA Fria during the school day.

Go mark your calender now to remind yourself to sign up in Sept. 2006! It is very important that you take the PSAT during your junior year. The test will give you great experience in taking the SAT college entrance exam. It will also allow you enough time to improve any weak areas before you take the real SAT and ACT tests at the end of your junior year. You can find more information on both tests under Useful Links.

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