Sunday, Aug 26, 2007

3/13/06 > Next Match
Tomorrow the girls and boys have their next match. THURSDAY THE TENNIS TEAMS FACE MILLENNIUM. Lets go and support our boys and girls against Millennium.

Good Luck
3/02/06 > The Boys First Match
The Boys had a great win today over buckeye with victories from Josh, Wesley and many others. There next match is tuesday March 7, 2006.

Great job Boys
3/02/06 > Girls first match
The girls had a hard loss today against Buckeye. The loss was highlighted by victories from Hailey and Cassie and Tracy in their doubles match. Their next match will be on Tuesday March 7, 2006 against Desert Edge.
1/30/06 > what is new?
Hi, I have great plans for this page and will begin work on it shortly. Tennis has not started yet but it will be starting up soon. That means you need to begin perparing for the new season ahaed and a great one at that.