Wednesday, Aug 22, 2007

Welcome to the Agua Fria High School choirs! This page will inform you of some basic choir guidelines. To get more specific documents such as the course syllabus, please click on the "Class Documents" page.

There are two different choirs offered at Agua Fria High School this year: Beginning/Intermediate Choir, and Advanced Choir. The information presented to you here is presented to the students on the first day of school in August, or even the semester before the students' entrance in many cases, so all students are aware of the requirements in advance.

Beginning/Intermediate Choir is a beginning level choir with students of all ages and grades. There is no audition requirement for this class. This class will perform almost all of the same events as the advanced choirs, so attendance at all events is mandatory.

This year Concert Choir and Madrigals have combined to make one advanced choir. A successful audition is required for admission. Students who wish to take these classes are willing to make choir their top priority, and except no less than the best for their choir. They are expected to compete both in Regional/Solo Ensemble events and in other choral competitions. Students in these groups are also willing to fundraise at length to raise funds for the trips these classes take.

All choir grades are based on participation and mastery of music. An "A" student in choir is a student who brings their materials to class every day, displays a positive attitude, shows up for every performance, and does not have excessive absences. An "A" student also believes that music reading is important, and tries hard to succeed at sight-reading and music theory.

The most important things for you to remember are the following:

1. Grades are based on participation! This means that students who participate the most will be rewarded with high grades.

2. Never miss a concert without a phone call. If you can't get to me, leave a message! Not calling so results in losing all points for that performance.

3. Follow the uniform guidelines and remember: it is up to YOU to alter your uniform before the show. If you show up to a concert with a dress that is too long, you may not sing.

4. In advanced choir every student is expected to make choir a top priority. Missing performances (except in extreme circumstances) is not acceptable. Remember, students know these facts BEFORE they choose to sign up for advanced choir. Therefore, I expect ALL students to be at EVERY performance.